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How to prevent Terrible Things Happening to you at the Family Court

You might have listened that the family court proceedings go on for years. If you are going through the legal proceedings yourself, then it can let you become comfortable in a false sense of security. However, the divorce lawyers Oakville have witnessed that family courts are as unpredictable as the ‘real’ trials. Here are some warnings for you so that you don’t fall into the traps of the following incidents.divorce lawyers oakville

Understanding the Speed

You should be very clear that at any point of the proceeding, bad things can happen to you. With the help of experienced divorce lawyers Oakville, you should understand the family law rules by heart. Remember, negligence at a simple case conference can be the reason for which you have lost the custody of your child. Only after the final judgment, the proceedings are truly over, provided there is no farther appeal.

Custody Orders

You might be thinking that giving an order for the custody is a lengthy affair. It takes months and years to evaluate the stakes of every aspect. It might be true for the final judgment. However, the most important ones are temporary custody. In custody battles, temporary custody makes an impression on the minds of the trial judges. Thus, to make the most of the situation consult divorce lawyers Oakville so that you can be on guard for the temporary custody at every hearing.

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Losing Pensions

Financial flips are more common in the family court than you think. It is also very common for the judges to miscalculate the amount of money which is to be shared with your ex-partner. It is also very difficult to convince the judge later that the calculation was wrong. To avoid such disasters you can get in touch with the divorce lawyers Oakville. They will help you to get in touch with an experienced accountant. The judge might not believe your calculation but the opinion of an expert is usually accepted.

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Losing Charges

You can be punished by the court if the judge believes that you have wasted valuable time. In most cases, the losing side often has to bear the entire expenses of the proceedings. To make the court understand that you are the reasonable partner, you should offer a settlement offer before any motion starts. You can take help from the experienced divorce lawyers Oakville firm to calculate the amount of the settlement to be offered. If the court awards an outrageous amount of money, you can appeal that to a higher court.

Contempt of Court

Though extremely rare in other fields of law, these are regulars in the family court. You will get a chance to purge the contempt before any sentencing takes place. In the case of repeated contempt, the judge might decide to negate the custody. Thus, be vigilant and defend against the motions.

To get prepared for the family court you should think that every hearing is the final one. Give every hearing equal importance so that you can be on guard. Always value the professional suggestions made by the divorce lawyers Oakville. Only preparation can protect you from the terrible things that can take place at the family court.

What are the situations for Mississauga private investigator?

There are many situations where a lawyer might suggest you hire a private investigator. In that case, you may find your private investigator or the lawyer might assist you in finding one. The cases where you might need a Mississauga private investigator area, finding a property that a person might try to hide, location a person, finding pieces of evidence of your partner being unfaithful, any business fraud cases or any other specific assistance.

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Finding out about a property that a person might try to hide during a divorce

Many times, we find divorce cases getting nasty and your spouse might try to hide any property that they own. In such cases Mississauga private investigator helps to find out any previously or currently owned property. Such investigators have access to check records and research accordingly, for mortgage-related information, foreign assets, bank account information, to the property transaction history, they can check everything.  Further, they can assist you in finding the current market value.

Finding of Background Information about a person

Private investigators help in the finding of the background of a person. They can easily check the federal arrest records or look into civil filings that might be made by or against the person.

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Locating your spouse in case of divorce or a witness

We have come across cases where you might not know where your spouse is as you both are not in contact. In such cases Mississauga private investigator helps in finding the person.  Or in some cases, one might try to locate a witness, and that person has been avoiding to be located so that they are not brought to the court. The investigator in such case goes for a background check and locates the person. Many times in case of divorce, investigators look into who is the right person to be given the custody of a child in providing care and supervision.

Assisting lawyers in Mississauga private investigator

Criminal lawyers and civil lawyers take help from private investigators for finding out pieces of evidence on an independent level. Like, gathering information about a road accident, taking photographs of the scene of the accident, and from the parts of vehicles. Insurance companies also hire private investigators to check for any fraud claims made by a victim, claiming of injuries.

Collection of shreds of evidence

In various stances we see that information from a party can be fragmented or unclear, in such cases one needs to know about the other side of the story clearly. Like, in cases of divorce one might want to find out if the partner has been unfaithful. They can seek help from private investigators in Toronto. The investigators can easily conduct surveillance, check electronic systems to uncover. The best part is that private investigators can make FOIA requests to the government to collect civil and criminal information.

Any other Specific Assistance

If you want to track someone’s movement or believe that it might benefit you in some way, you can consult a private investigator. They can provide you with a variety of facilities depending on location.

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Employment Lawyer Can Help You Claim Employment Insurance

Employees in Canada enjoy better work opportunities and great work benefits. As a matter of fact, employees are protected by the Employment Standard Act (ESA). Basically, it allows workers to make when they leave their job or is dismissed wrongly. Hence, it can be said that employees can take the legal advice of Employment lawyers in Toronto in order to place their insurance claims when employers deny employee with their rights.

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Lawyers Guide Clients about EI

Employees expect their workplace to be safe and secured. Employers from their end should take proper steps to keep the place secure. Apart from beefing up security, employers should provide their employees with employment insurance (EI). Employment attorneys can help clients to have a thorough understanding of the EI program.

Employment Insurance is a type of benefit that is given to an employee when they are looking for a new job. The benefit is in the form of financial relief for a temporary period. Under this benefit, an employee gets to enjoy working at their will. They can even point out when they won’t be able to work.

Employees need to keep a record of the employers with whom they contacted and the money they have earned through EI. According to the Employment lawyers in Toronto, an employee can contact the HR department. The HR professionals can guide them on the available hours which can be insurable and can be claimed later on.

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Employees Can Apply for EI

Employment attorneys state that every employee should apply for EI and claim the benefits. Even if a person has been fired from their job they should apply for EI. However, sometimes employers might deny the EI claims made by the employees. This is why taking the help of an employment attorney is important.

Any experienced Employment lawyers in Toronto know it very well that the Service Canada may not hold the same view as the employers. Hence, even if an employee got sacked for misconduct or for other reasons, Service Canada allows employment attorneys to show the employee’s side of the story.

However, the employment attorneys can guide clients through the application process. They can carry out an in-depth assessment of the case and suggest options.

Usually, the Employment lawyers in Toronto in order to help clients make EI claims would check if they are eligible for it. They would check if their clients have 420-700 insurable hours of work. If their client meets this criterion they can enjoy the benefits. The attorney can also tell if their client doesn’t have the insurable hours with them. In that case, they can ask clients to get an extension of time.

Mostly, an employment attorney can help clients to apply for EI within 4 weeks from their last working day. The attorney will check that the employee gets the due benefits. If their client is not compensated correctly, they can easily file a lawsuit. Usually, lawyers try to contact the concerned employer so that the best benefit can be received from the case.

Employment lawyers in Toronto having vast years of experience in this field can find out some ways so that the claim can get processed very easily. Hence, with employment attorney’s help, one can easily gain the EI benefits.


DUI in Toronto and How To Avoid It

Holidays and DUIs go hand in hand. You might have escaped it in the last holiday but you might not get so lucky every single time.  There are so many holidays to celebrate and to get into trouble for celebrating a little too much. Every DUI lawyer ever has been a witness to a steady rise in their income especially in the holiday season. It cannot be a coincidence. So before you get carried away with all the fun that you are having you should keep a few things in mind. Getting behind the wheel after drinking one too many drinks is not the best idea for a number of reasons, DUI being just one of the many.

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How To Escape

If you are drinking at a social gathering, for example the Super Bowl, you want to be doing that responsibly and wait till you digest it and then proceed to drive. Drinking a little early in the evening also helps, and so does food. It will help you digest the alcohol as DUI lawyer says. Also a lot depends on what kind of alcohol you are consuming.

You can self test your blood to check the level of alcohol before you start driving to ensure your own safety. HealthStatus is a calculator that anyone can use, and there are also many like it that you can avail of. If you follow this rule you will also be doing a favor to yourself and your own life. You must know that drinking and driving is the reason behind most grotesque accidents. DUI lawyer believes in being responsible for the self and that is really the best way to ensure every one’s safety.

What If You Are Pulled Over?

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Field sobriety tests are what most officers subject the people to if they suspect them of having drunk too much. Now you might not always oblige to co operate with them. But if you do not agree to do that then you will be taken to the station to get a blood and urine test done, and this is something that is unavoidable. Your license will be suspended for a year if you refuse. But politeness does not hurt and DUI lawyer also says that you can refuse to get your breath analyzed legally. A firm reassurance of your sobriety might sometimes do the trick. So remember conduct always matters and it can take you a long way. But even then you need to get really lucky. Chances are that you will be stamped with a DUI.

What If You Are Chemically Tested?

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Chemical tests refer to urine and blood tests. These are mostly accurate so there is no way you will get away with it by lying. DUI lawyer however says that urine tests fail accuracy a lot of the times. They are also used the least and are done due to the unavailability of the other tests.  So here is the trick. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when these tests are administered so that will be your way out.


Family Sponsorship in Canada: The complete requirements

Sponsorship applications are often not checked thoroughly, and the immigration department of Canada is facing quite some problems for making mistakes and rejecting valid applications. There have been incidents where applications were rendered useless by stating all the documents have not been provided. However that was not true as they had been included in the packages. Best family sponsorship lawyer Canada has been getting complaints from clients who went through all the legal processes to make sure everything happened seamlessly but were still rejected. People are demanding an online process now that the manual is turning out to be faulty. However the immigration department is not showing any hopes for this.

Best family sponsorship lawyer Canada

Basic Requirements

There are criteria to fulfill when it comes to becoming a sponsor yourself as a Canadian yourself, as well as getting your sponsorship request approved according to best family sponsorship lawyer Canada.

If you want to be a sponsor

  1. You have to be an adult, which is at least eighteen years of age.
  2. An agreement between you and the sponsored has to be signed confirming the fact that you will take up their financial burden.
  3. If you are bringing your spouse you have to give them financial support for the three years after they become permanent residents.
  4. You must also support your child financially, for at least ten years or until they are 25 years of age.

In the year 2015, about 70,000 applications were made for family sponsorship but only 48,000 were allowed the residence. The waiting time too, seemed very problematic and extremely long as best family sponsorship lawyer Canada reports.

A number of actions have been taken by the government to make the allocation program easier.

Increased Allocation

This pact has raised the number of spouses and family to be allowed a residence in Canada largely. What was once counted as 47,000 has now reached 64,000 in the year 2017. By 2020 it might rise to 70,000 a year. If space is not an issue then the applications will be quickly processed as best family sponsorship lawyer Canada remarks.


An extra $25 million has been placed by the government to support immigration programs. This mainly targets the backlog.

Simpler Process

The application process will be modified to be made simpler so that the applicants face fewer issues. The number of forms, checklists, police and health check documents these are made simpler, and also a few of them will be required later.

Shortened Commitment Processing

This has been shortened to 12 months. This means that the applications already in the system will be processed within the next 12 months and the upcoming applications will be processed in the 12 months following that according to best family sponsorship lawyer Canada.

The last rule is applicable to applications both from within and without Canada. Only 80% of the documents will make it through while the rest will be put through a process more complex.

All these steps have been taken to make sure the applicants face fewer problems regarding the process and that families are reunited faster.

The Types of Immigration Appeals before IAD

The Immigration Appeal Division is actually a part of the IRB.  This is an independent tribunal which had been created to oversee the matters of immigration.  This is not a part of federal immigration department and it isn’t connected to the CBSA or Canada Border Services Agency.   The IAD come across different types of immigration appeals says Brampton immigration lawyer where the Canadian permanent citizens or residents are involved. This includes appeals from the families who have been refused, removal of the order appeals, and family sponsorship, and the residency obligation appeals.

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Sponsorship Appeals

The citizens of Canada or the permanent residents whose application to sponsor a close relative for immigrating to Canada has been rejected y IRCC might appeal the decision to IAD.  However, Brampton immigration lawyer says that not all sponsorship application can be appealed.  For instance, in a case of parental sponsorship, if the application had been refused or had been misinterpreted, an appeal cannot be made.  A lawyer has to be consulted in all cases for confirming the appeal rights which exists in each case and to assist with the appeal process.  An application for family sponsorship might be rejected for various reasons.  You need to confirm the lawyer in all cases for assisting with the appealing process.  A family sponsorship application might be rejected for different reasons but for the spousal sponsorships, the most refusal ground is that the relationship isn’t genuine.  As per Brampton immigration lawyer, in this kind of appeal, it is necessary to gather new evidence which will show that the relationship is real.  Both the sponsor and the foreign spouse are going to be allowed for testifying the appeal hearing and you try and address the research of the immigration officer who rejected the case.

Removal Order Appeals

In case the immigration authorities issue some removal order against some permanent resident of Canada for committing a serious crime or for having committed a misrepresentation.  The affected might file for an appeal if required if he/she has to stay in Canada.  Nonetheless, not all removal order cases are allowed to appeal. You cannot make an appeal if the person is inadmissible because of a conviction of a serious crime and has been punished with imprisonment for 6 months says the Brampton immigration lawyer. A foreign national who doesn’t have a permanent resident visa will not be able to appeal a removal order to IAD.  Foreign national can appeal to the Federal Court if they are allowed by IAD and the person is given the permission to remain in Canada.  Otherwise, the person is going to be removed from Canada.  You have the option of staying your appeal in the place where the person is being allowed to stay in Canada.

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Residency Obligation Appeal

The permanent residents of Canada need to be present in Canada physically for 730 days out of every five years. Brampton immigration lawyer mentions that if the permanent resident doesn’t fulfill the residency requirement, he or she might lose out the status of permanent residency.  In case of loss of this permanent residency because of the failure to comply with the requirement of residency, an appeal can be made to IAD. In case they are allowed, the permanent resident is going to be allowed to maintain their status.  However, if the case is dismissed, the permanent resident status will be lost.