It is likely that everyone has at least one namesake in the world. You might look through the phone book if you're living in a large city and see a couple of entries with the same name or could never know for sure where they exist. There are some names that seem to come up in the world over and over again. It is likely that we all know at least one person with the last name Smith and have been acquainted with a John and a Mary. This website is all about exploring the different people who can share one name. If you were searching for life saving affirmation information, you won't find it here.

You might not know someone named Robert Milnes but there are certainly a lot of them in the world. Some of them are creating art that has been seen all over the world while others are interested in politics and academia. There are those that are lawyers and probably more that are doctors, teachers, and many other things. We are using this name as a springboard to tell you about all of the different possibilities for one person. Maybe one of the Robert Milneses of the world will inspire you in your own life to become a dentist or philanthropist.

There have also been people named Robert Milnes who have shown up throughout history. Many of them were politicians in some way and associated with the British Empire. If you're interested in history then you might enjoy hearing about how one name can pop up again and again in the history books. This is a name that was passed down through one bloodline to create several men who were influential in their own worlds. We will also explore the tradition of passing one name to another in a family over the course of many generations.

This website is really all about possibilities and what makes a person. We will explore the differences that you might have with the people that share your name and the sorts of things that you might have in common with them. We will also go into detail about what names mean and how you might choose one for a new person coming into your family. Someone's surname is something that always comes with a wealth of history and some believe that the name that you choose for a child will help to define who they become.

Robert Milnes could be a million different people from all over the world. If he was a man living in the mountains in France then he would be much different than an executive at a major corporation in California. There are so many choices that we make in our lives but most of us do not choose our name and no one chooses where they come from. We will explore all of these different concepts with the help of all of those Robert Milneses that currently live in the world and those that came before.

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