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We appreciate the awards Clan MacRae Online has received. These awards recognize not only  the web design that you view, but also the original content that comes from the efforts and generosity of our many contributors. We share with you some of the comments that accompany these awards. Our many thanks to our contributors and to those who have selected our site for recognition.

"We believe that your site...shows Scotland, the nation or its people, in a positive light and promotes the image of Scotland in the eyes of the world...please accept our warmest congratulations on your hard work and wonderful site."
Clan MacFarlane Celtic Soul Award "...congrats and good job."
Cain Connections Ancestral Award "Your site is very tastefully done, informative, and a breeze to navigate! It's obvious you've put your heart and soul into this great website"
Genealogy Is My Hobby! "I have reviewed your page and have found it an excellent resource for Online Genealogy, and am pleased to present you with my 'Excellence in Genealogy' Award!  Keep up the good Work!!!! And thanks for a wonderful contribution to the Online Genealogical community."
StarSaber's Award Of Excellence "Congratulations! Your web site has Won the StarSaber's Award of Excellence!  My compliments on a job well done!"
Eyes of Epimetheus Award "I admit that I am a lover of all things Scottish. That said, this site goes beyond its home... I particularly enjoyed the history of the clan. Very well organized and useful for lovers of Scottish genealogy and history. ****"

AccuSubmit Top 5% Of All Websites

"Well-designed, fast-loading, packed with content. We appreciate what you have accomplished here..."

This place is definitely a KEY SITE!

"Your site was very easy to navigate, had an appealing layout, and was interesting to explore. Your original content also made the visit a worthwhile trip!"

TuBears(tm) Award

"Over 95% of the sites that apply do not receive this award, but your site has a special appeal that demands recognition."

Elite Site Award

"Your Web site has been selected to win an Elite Site Award. (award mentioned in the Wall Street Journal 2/19/97 B1) This award signifies that your site contains quality content and has skillful design."

WARi0's Web Shack "...we decided to award you with the Silver Source Code Web Award! This means that your site has good layout, good graphics, and good content..."
Eye Candy WWW Site Reviews "Congratulations! Your web site nomination has been accepted for the 1998 site reviews...We hope you will be proud to decorate your web site with this identification graphic that signals your running for a prestigious web award."
Design World Internet Services "Your combination of elegance and professionalism made your status with Design World a no-brainer. We endorse your Web site 100%..."

.Creative Web Designs. | .Free COOL Animation. |

"Congratulations on your site! Your site has been reviewed and awarded the Cool Reality Award! This award is only given to sites that have elegant graphics, content, and a cool sense of being about it."

Personal Connections

"I ... am really impressed by the overall quality of your website! I'd like to congratulate you, and would like to present you with our Personal Connections "Innovation Award!" - really great work with your website!"

Market-Tek Design Award

"Congratulations! After reviewing your site, we are pleased to present you with the Market-Tek Design Award!"

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