DUI in Toronto and How To Avoid It

Holidays and DUIs go hand in hand. You might have escaped it in the last holiday but you might not get so lucky every single time.  There are so many holidays to celebrate and to get into trouble for celebrating a little too much. Every DUI lawyer ever has been a witness to a steady rise in their income especially in the holiday season. It cannot be a coincidence. So before you get carried away with all the fun that you are having you should keep a few things in mind. Getting behind the wheel after drinking one too many drinks is not the best idea for a number of reasons, DUI being just one of the many.

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How To Escape

If you are drinking at a social gathering, for example the Super Bowl, you want to be doing that responsibly and wait till you digest it and then proceed to drive. Drinking a little early in the evening also helps, and so does food. It will help you digest the alcohol as DUI lawyer says. Also a lot depends on what kind of alcohol you are consuming.

You can self test your blood to check the level of alcohol before you start driving to ensure your own safety. HealthStatus is a calculator that anyone can use, and there are also many like it that you can avail of. If you follow this rule you will also be doing a favor to yourself and your own life. You must know that drinking and driving is the reason behind most grotesque accidents. DUI lawyer believes in being responsible for the self and that is really the best way to ensure every one’s safety.

What If You Are Pulled Over?

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Field sobriety tests are what most officers subject the people to if they suspect them of having drunk too much. Now you might not always oblige to co operate with them. But if you do not agree to do that then you will be taken to the station to get a blood and urine test done, and this is something that is unavoidable. Your license will be suspended for a year if you refuse. But politeness does not hurt and DUI lawyer also says that you can refuse to get your breath analyzed legally. A firm reassurance of your sobriety might sometimes do the trick. So remember conduct always matters and it can take you a long way. But even then you need to get really lucky. Chances are that you will be stamped with a DUI.

What If You Are Chemically Tested?

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Chemical tests refer to urine and blood tests. These are mostly accurate so there is no way you will get away with it by lying. DUI lawyer however says that urine tests fail accuracy a lot of the times. They are also used the least and are done due to the unavailability of the other tests.  So here is the trick. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when these tests are administered so that will be your way out.


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