Employment Lawyer Can Help You Claim Employment Insurance

Employees in Canada enjoy better work opportunities and great work benefits. As a matter of fact, employees are protected by the Employment Standard Act (ESA). Basically, it allows workers to make when they leave their job or is dismissed wrongly. Hence, it can be said that employees can take the legal advice of Employment lawyers in Toronto in order to place their insurance claims when employers deny employee with their rights.

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Lawyers Guide Clients about EI

Employees expect their workplace to be safe and secured. Employers from their end should take proper steps to keep the place secure. Apart from beefing up security, employers should provide their employees with employment insurance (EI). Employment attorneys can help clients to have a thorough understanding of the EI program.

Employment Insurance is a type of benefit that is given to an employee when they are looking for a new job. The benefit is in the form of financial relief for a temporary period. Under this benefit, an employee gets to enjoy working at their will. They can even point out when they won’t be able to work.

Employees need to keep a record of the employers with whom they contacted and the money they have earned through EI. According to the Employment lawyers in Toronto, an employee can contact the HR department. The HR professionals can guide them on the available hours which can be insurable and can be claimed later on.

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Employees Can Apply for EI

Employment attorneys state that every employee should apply for EI and claim the benefits. Even if a person has been fired from their job they should apply for EI. However, sometimes employers might deny the EI claims made by the employees. This is why taking the help of an employment attorney is important.

Any experienced Employment lawyers in Toronto know it very well that the Service Canada may not hold the same view as the employers. Hence, even if an employee got sacked for misconduct or for other reasons, Service Canada allows employment attorneys to show the employee’s side of the story.

However, the employment attorneys can guide clients through the application process. They can carry out an in-depth assessment of the case and suggest options.

Usually, the Employment lawyers in Toronto in order to help clients make EI claims would check if they are eligible for it. They would check if their clients have 420-700 insurable hours of work. If their client meets this criterion they can enjoy the benefits. The attorney can also tell if their client doesn’t have the insurable hours with them. In that case, they can ask clients to get an extension of time.

Mostly, an employment attorney can help clients to apply for EI within 4 weeks from their last working day. The attorney will check that the employee gets the due benefits. If their client is not compensated correctly, they can easily file a lawsuit. Usually, lawyers try to contact the concerned employer so that the best benefit can be received from the case.

Employment lawyers in Toronto having vast years of experience in this field can find out some ways so that the claim can get processed very easily. Hence, with employment attorney’s help, one can easily gain the EI benefits.


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