It is my great pleasure to welcome you. ‘Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! Welcome to one of the great web sites of Clan MacRae. This site is maintained by the Clan MacRae Society of Canada.
You are invited to click your way through one of the most extensive resources you will find on the Clan MacRae. Easily accessible, readily available and richly illustrated, you can quickly unearth a veritable library of our Clan heritage and tradition. Here you may tap your way through Clan chronicles, discover the rich resources of Scottish history, find your way to a wealth of genealogical data and even open a dictionary of the Gaelic language. What’s more, you will find the most up-to-date information on coming events and you can quickly be linked to other resources around the world. If you discern that we are proud of our Web site, your perceptions are correct. This site has won many Web-site honours for its presentation. Enjoy it to the full. It’s right here for you and available at your fingertips.
If you seek membership in our Society, please go to our Society Membership page to print our Clan Society application form. Welcome to our Web site, and welcome to this fellowship of the ‘Scattered Children of Kintail!’